Pros And Cons Of Drinking Coffee

Coffee is one of the most popular non alcoholic drink throughout the world. Some countries like America cannot dream of a morning without their beloved cup of coffee. But is coffee a safe drink? Can it harm our body in any way or does it hold health benefits for us?

Benefits of drinking coffee

A lot of research has gone into studying the effects and results of coffee consumption on our health and body. Research shows that daily intake of coffee helps reduce the risk of contracting Parkinson’s disease and diabetes. It also helps minimize the risk of colon cancer to as low as 25% and risk of cirrhosis of the liver to about 80%. Coffee contains antioxidants which aids in regulating growth of these cells. These antioxidants become stronger and more effective through roasting.

In addition to these medical benefits, a regular intake of coffee reduces risk of alcoholic cirrhosis, danger of development of gallstones, and the risk of type 2 diabetes. Coffee also helps eliminate headaches , reduce the severity of migraine. For people suffering from liver diseases and damage, coffee is a big boon. It helps reduce liver damage in people with liver diseases. Coffee intake also helps increase stamina. Coffee intake is beneficial for alcoholics. Drinking coffee reduces the growth of liver enzyme GGT, which is an indicator of cirrhosis risk of liver enzyme.

Many studies show that coffee intake helps restrict Type 2 diabetes. Coffee contains large quantities of chlorogenic acid and tocopherols, and magnesium which are considered to be beneficial for health.

A research at Havard shows that regular coffee drinkers show about a third less symptoms of asthma than non coffee drinkers. People already suffering from asthma get some relief by regular coffee intake. The antioxidants in coffee work as disease protectors. When consumed in moderation, caffeine helps increase alertness, boosts sense organs and memory. It also acts as a mood regulator.

Risks of drinking coffee

Having said all this, one must remember that coffee consumption is good when had in small quantities. Excessive coffee consumption also have disadvantages and its ill effects. A maximum of two cups of coffee should be taken. This roughly will contain about hundred and sixty milligrams of coffee. A larger quantity of coffee intake can set off symptoms like edginess, quick pulse, palpitations, sleeplessness and irritability. Excessive coffee can have long term problems like hypertension and osteoporosis. Caffeine restricts calcium absorption in bones. Another ill effect of excessive coffee is ulcers.

Therefore, one must consume coffee in moderation. Also, it is important to note that although coffee consumption is good for health and body, excessive coffee can have both short term and long term ill effects.

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