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Secret Hangover Cure

What you should know about hangovers and a hangover cure.You need a hangover cure because another wild night came and went, a total blowout, a party for the ages…but your friend, Hangover, thought it’d be cool if he crashed in your head the day after. And without even asking…jerk.

So now you’ve got a hangover that you can’t shake and need a good hangover remedy to get the room to stop spinning right? Well I’ve got you covered (4 months on a cruise ship + $1 bar drinks = lots of hangover cure practice) with the ins and outs of your hangover and one of the best kept secret hangover remedies.

Ugggghhhhh – The Morning After

If you’re fighting a hangover then you’ve probably got the typical hangover symptoms. The headache, the sensitivity to light and noise, the aching, nausea, irritability and general dysphoria. Some additional symptoms, depending on how bad your hangover is, can include; throwing up, an increase in body temperature, heart rate, salivation rate, sweating, possible tremors, difficulty with sleeping, anxiety, halitosis (fun), and/or the runs (extra fun). And if you’re anything like me you might even find the smell, sight, or thought of alcohol repulsive before you get an awesome hangover remedy in your body. Many health and medical professionals suggest this might be the body’s way of trying to convince you to stay away from alcohol but those symptoms suck. And what’s more, if you need to be at 100% for the day then these hangover symptoms are going to get in the way of your day.

What Brings The Pain

Hangover headaches need a good hangover cure.

Hangovers are caused by a series of complex chemical reactions that occur through the metabolization of alcohol in the body but I won’t go into all that here so I’ll just give you the easy version and why it matters for a great hangover cure. Ethanol is the alcohol that makes all your favorite drinks, well, alcoholic. But, of greater note, it isn’t exactly what causes all the problems…

Almost everything you put into your body gets metabolized and what’s made by that metabolic process is called a metabolite. That’s a lot of meta, I know… Ethanol is no exception and this is where the primary culprit of hangovers hides and where most hangover remedies and cures fail to solve the problem. When ethanol is absorbed and processed in your body it creates a metabolite called “acetate.” An increase of acetate in your body is what causes the bad headaches and sensitivity to light.

Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Aldehyde

Not only does ethanol create a build up of acetate in the system, it also creates a series of “aldehydes” (you know, like “formaldehyde, remember that time in high school when you had to dissect that frog and it smelled awful? Yep. Stuff like that.) The most formidable of all of these is called “acetaldehyde” which is also broken down from ethanol and from there converted into acetic acid. When it comes to your hangover symptoms, acetaldehyde is public enemy #1. Acetaldehyde is 10x to 30x more toxic than alcohol!!!

Because acetaldehyde is so toxic it makes it harder for your liver to make up for the major drop in your blood sugar levels. Why is this bad? Well, your brain needs those sugars (specifically called glucose) to stay energized and work properly and low blood sugar levels is why you’re feeling fatigued, weak, moody and can’t seem to pay attention or concentrate very well. On top of that, since your liver is working double time to try and remedy your hangover its stores of detox agents becomes depleted pretty quick. That means you’re gonna be waiting longer to get all that acetaldehyde out of your system while your liver gets the stuff it needs to work. This is also why alcohol abuse extended over years can cause things like liver cancer. With an impaired liver there’s less firepower to get rid of those cancer-causing free radicals in the body.

The presence of other alcohols, called fusel oils, and other by-products of the natural fermentation process causes and can exaggerate your hangover symptoms. On top of that, improper distillation techniques can end up putting methanol in your alcohol which breaks down into formaldehyde (remembering that frog dissection again?).

A solid hangover cure should give your body everything it needs to get your blood sugar levels up and help your body detox so you’re back at 100% ASAP.


One last thing. Ethanol is a diuretic which means it dehydrates you. That’s why you pee so much when you drink. Seriously, you pee a ton. And that’s mostly water and hardly any alcohol. Dehydration will make your headache, fatigue, and pretty much everything else even worse. What’s more is that your body will keep getting dehydrated even after you’ve gone to bed after a night of drinking.

The Best Kept Hangover Cure Secret

Alright, so now you know why your hangover is such a beating and you need it to go…like yesterday am I right!? Right? …right? Ok bad joke, moving onwards.

What you need from your hangover cure:
  • Rehydration – big factor here, you need water for every bodily function you have
  • Recovery – you need your hangover remedy to boost your blood sugar levels, detox agents, and vitamins in your body.
  • Results – you want a hangover cure that works and is easy to make. No fluff, no “sugar pill,” and no B.S.

After my fair share of partying and the hangovers that followed I found what I really believe to be the best hangover cure ever. Here’s all you need to do:

Take 2 scoops of this stuff, called Results and Recovery formula, which you can order here from Team BeachBody and blend it with 8-12 fl. oz. of coconut water with some ice. It’s seriously that easy.

With Results and Recovery you’re putting a much needed boost of healthy carbs into your system, getting your blood sugar levels up so your brain will already start to get back in game day condition. You also get a shot of vitamins, particularly vitamins A, C, E, B6 & B12 which will make your liver and body fall in love with you all over again. Additionally, because Results and Recovery was originally formulated to help people recover from tough workouts like P90X or Insanity you get some creatine to help your muscles and tissues take in more water resulting in quicker recovery for you! You can also click here to see the Results and Recovery nutrition label for yourself!

A perfect ingredient for a hang over cure is coconut water.Which leads to the benefits of the coconut water as the other half of this amazing hangover remedy. Because dehydration is a big part of your hangover symptoms and, more importantly, your recovery it’s critical that you get water back in your system. Without it, your body just won’t operate as efficiently or as quickly as it needs to. Now if you don’t have coconut water around, no worries, the Results and Recovery formula in regular water will go a looooong way in getting you out of your hangover induced funk. BUT coconut water contains more electrolytes and less sodium than Gatorade along with more potassium than a banana.

The balance of electrolytes in coconut water is optimized so you get hydrated as quickly and efficiently as possible. The potassium also helps get your heart rate regulated and, probably more relevant, kickstarts your body’s metabolism. What does that mean? Well, remember those metabolites I told you about earlier? Yeah, neither does your body. Thanks potassium.

One thing to keep in mind, and this is CRITICAL, is to read the ingredients label on the coconut water bottle/can. Always go with 100% coconut water if you can. Some brands like to add sugar and, sometimes, chemicals to their coconut water as filler. Avoid those like the plague, the last thing your body wants or needs right now is filler and processed sugars. Take a peek at how coconut water matches up against the leading man-made hydration formulas.

That’s all it takes to bounce back faster than you can blink after the rager you threw the night before. The next time you’ve got a wild night planned make sure you’ve got some Results and Recovery in the cabinet and some coconut water in the fridge for this remarkable hangover cure and you’ll be the only one of your friends feeling great the next day!

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