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Seven Worst Foods to Avoid in Diabetes

If you have diabetes, you must have faced lots of confusion misinformation regarding your diet/food. Many individuals (mostly your friends and relatives and non medical persons) must have given you advice about what foods you should eat and what foods you should avoid. Unfortunately most of your friends and relatives advices are based on hearsay and not based on scientific logic, which can make your head spin.

Diabetes is such as disease where food plays a major role in effective management and without understanding and managing your food intake (type and quantity) it is very difficult to control blood sugar and diabetes. Taking drugs (oral hypoglycemic drugs and insulin) is not enough for effective management of diabetes, diet also need to be managed carefully for better control of diabetes and to live normal life without any complications, that diabetes can bring, if blood sugar is not controlled.

Surely it is important to know what to eat if you are diabetic, but it is more important to know what foods to avoid. Here are some common foods you should avoid in diabetes for better management of diabetes and blood sugar.

1. French fries:

Although French fry is a vegetable, it is fried and soaked in oil (Trans-fat rich) and you should avoid this load of carbohydrate if you are diabetic. If you are thinking of french-fries for snacks try instead some carrots, cucumber or other vegetable salad.

2. Donuts:

This is made of high carbohydrate and filled with oil and an unhealthy food for not only diabetics but for a normal healthy individual too. The fiber content in donuts is also minimal and do not add much other than calorie and increase blood sugar for diabetics, so avoid it fully.

3. White rice:

White rice is full of carbohydrate and has very little nutritional value. Eating white rice only adds calories and takes your blood sugar level towards up and up. If you are from a region where rice is the staple diet, select brown rice instead and add more vegetables to your diet.

4. Candy:

You must avoid this guy, if you are diabetic like criminals avoid police. This guy has nothing but sugar and sugar with no other nutritional content. Eating this can only rise your blood sugar with may be difficult to control with drugs.

5. Sweetened soda:

Soda is fortified with high fructose corn syrup and a no no for diabetics, which not only increase blood sugar level, but has many other deleterious health effects such as potassium depletion, kidney stones, weight gain, tooth decay, hypertension etc. Even diet soda is not good for diabetics.

6. Pasta:

This guy adds very little for you of value other than calories and rise in blood sugar. Eating pasta will give you only calorie and you may end up getting constipation, as it has very little fiber in it.

7. Bottled fruit juice:

This you must avoid if you are diabetic. Because it is sweetened with fructose and may cause tremendous rise in blood sugar, because you may take too much, this may be due to advice by your doctor/dietician to take fresh fruit. Take fresh fruits grown in your locality and avoid bottled fruit juice, which may have very little actual fruit in it, as they are mostly flavored with artificial flavor.

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