Side Effects Of Detox Diets

Detox diets are fast becoming a fad with today’s youth. What exactly are these detox diets? The word DETOX is derived from detoxification diets. These are one of the most popular alternative medicine diets of contemporary times.

Detox diets aim at removing toxins from the body. These toxins include hormones, additives, colorants and poisons which enter the body by consumption of fats foods and processed foods and beverages. Detox diets lay emphasis on healthy body and living over convenience. Advocates of such diet claim that such diets help in weight loss, helps re gain lost energy and all round feeling of well being.

But one must study in detail that how beneficial these promises really are. One must follow a natural detox diet which not only helps de toxify the body but also has their origin rooted in research.

One must study well in advance before taking up this diet, the pros and cons of the same. Each diet has one side effect or the other. Such side effects may be harmful for many categories of people like kidney patients, pregnant women, anemic people etc. it has been studied that the worst side effect of detox diet is the side effects arising from weaning of the body off toxins like caffeine. Initially, such a weaning may cause headaches, dehydration and diarrhea. Therefore, it is essential that one should take up a detox diet step by step instead of a drastic change over.

Another side effect of the detox diet is the variations needed to be followed for the diet. This may include fasting like juice fasting where a person can only have juice for the entire day. Or another variation includes intake of certain fruits and vegetables only. Such a diet may lead to illness and weakness. One must consult a professional before taking up any such drastic diet. Sometimes the diets have to be coupled with diuretic pills and enemas, which can be dangerous. You should avoid any such diet promoting rapid weight loss.

Detox diets allow consumption of mineral water and unsweetened teas. You must avoid diuretics. Detox diet may upset the body system. A person following such diet like juice fasting diet may start suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome due to lack of fiber in the diet. You should be careful of not getting dehydrated. One should stop the diet immediately and seek medical help should you start facing symptoms like head aches and fatigue.

Detox diets can also disturb your body’s metabolism. In the long run, you may not be able to resume your normal diet after a long stretch of having a detox diet. Therefore it is advisable not to follow any diet blindly. Rather one should seek medical consultation before opting for any such experimental diets.

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