Soda Bad For Health

Welcome back to the healthy website that gives it to you straight! This time out I’m going to be a real killjoy and call out soda – yes, the fizzy canned or bottled drinks that everyone loves! Guess what?


Well, maybe deep down inside you’d already guessed that was the case. But the problem is that television advertising is so good these days they have you believing that soda makes you happy, goes with having fun, makes relationships buzz, brings friends together… ok, you get the way they get inside your brain.

It’s all a bunch of carefully orchestrated lies, of course. The reality is that if you drink two or three (or more) cans of soda a day, you are staring obesity city in the face and a whole heap of health problems queuing up to get you in the future.

Why Is Soda So Bad For You?

There are two major reasons why soda is bad for you. First of all, regular soda contains far too much sugar. It raises blood sugar levels and makes your pancreas work like crazy to produce enough insulin to counteract it. Over time, your pancreas will lose the fight and you’ll be staring type II diabetes squarely in the face. All that raising and countering of blood sugar levels makes your body store all the excess as fat. Right where you don’t want it. On your belly, that is! This is one of the better known weight loss tips which is to avoid belly fat production. That is dangerous because not only does this make you overweight, increased levels of belly fat is now linked with, wait for it… cancer!

What About Sugar Free Soda?

Surely sugar free soda is better to drink?

Wrong. Sugar free soda, like all other sugar free products contains artificial sweeteners such as aspartame and sorbitol. Both these substances interfere with the brain’s function when it comes to registering hunger. Yep, they make you feel hungry even when you’re not. What do you automatically reach for when you’re drinking sugar free soda? Potato chips, slices of pizza, burgers, fries, chocolate or candy bars, pretzels, corn snacks etc. The list is pretty long but you can bet they’re all loaded with calories. They are all the things that you should not be eating as part of your healthy diet. All those extra calories add up to that well trodden road leading to Obesity City!

But that’s not all. Sugar free soda containing aspartame has one last health destroying property lurking in the shadows for you. Cancer! Yes, aspartame has been linked with cancer in so many trials and medical researches that you wouldn’t believe, yet governments repeatedly deny there is anything wrong with the stuff. But don’t take my word for it. Go ahead and Google “dangers of aspartame” and read the evidence for yourself, understand it and make sure you can see both sides of the argument. Go do it now, I’ll wait…

Who Do You Believe?

So, who should you believe? Government denials or your own verifiable research and your own common sense?Whatever you believe, believe this. Soda, whether it contains sugar or artificial sweeteners, will make you gain weight and can lead to cancer later on down the road. It’s not a theory, this is a known fact!

That’s why it is so bad for you.

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