Spring Diet To Detoxyfy And Cleanse Your Body

Spring is the season which comes with the full beauty of nature. It is welcomed by everyone. We start to clean and renovate ourselves. Remember that our body needs a spring cleaning and to get rid of extra pounds. Of course to get rid of toxins is on top priority.

There are many diets which are very effective to detoxify the body. Most of these foods are based on several simple key principles of detoxifying, cleanse and weight loss. Here are some of them:

Drink at least two liters of water per day: It will help you lose weight and maintain body balance. Choose detox diet, natural fresh fruit juices made at home and unsweetened teas. Under no circumstances consume carbonated soda.

Eat unprocessed foods: Processed foods are those which are produced using additives. For example, sausages, although they are more flavorful and tasty than a serving of grilled meat or cooked meat, but these are more harmful to the body because of processing additives, flavoring, preservatives and dyes.

Diet based on fruits and vegetables: Natural foods that are the main contents of detox diet are fruits and vegetables. It is highly recommended to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, but you can choose to eat in various forms like cooked, stewed fruit, juices, smoothies, dehydrated and many others. You must avoid fruit jams because sugar level is very high in jams.

Lean meats: Include meat in your daily diet, especially if you want to keep a longer detoxification diet. Choose light meat, chicken, turkey and fish, which is prepared more naturally, best is homemade but without too many spices. Mixtures of spices especially prepared to give the flavor in meat are often harmful, besides containing herbs and other beneficial substances such as dyes.

Teas: Under the guidance of a specialist, look for a herbal tea beneficial in eliminating toxins from the body. Various herbs contain natural chemicals that stimulate the elimination of toxins. Although many people consume herbs and natural products by hearing from others. For example, being convinced by others that natural tea can be consumed in unlimited quantity daily, obviously this is wrong!. Side effects exist in natural products as well, such as herbal infusions etc. Therefore it is very important to ask for specialist advice before using any herbal product.

Less salt: Although this is one of the most important ingredient for the body, still it is harmful if taken in excess quantity. Because sodium has the property to retain water in tissues, which results in blocking toxins in the body.

Must be avoided: You must know that smoking, excess caffeine and alcohol are all incompatible with a detox diet. Tobacco, which is totally harmful must be avoided. Caffeine and alcohol must be controlled and can be consumed in very small quantities. For example, there is no harm if a glass of red wine or weak coffee taken in every few days.

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