Stay Away From These Foods: Bad Foods For Diabetics

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder, where there is disorder in metabolism of most macronutrients, especially disorder of carbohydrate metabolism, due to absolute (type 1 diabetes) or relative deficiency of insulin (type 2 diabetes) resulting in hyperglycemia. Dietary management is an important part of overall and optimal management of diabetes. For dietary management of diabetes, it is important to eat certain foods (good foods for diabetics) as well as to avoid certain foods (bad foods for diabetics). Avoiding bad foods for diabetics is more important than eating good foods for diabetics, for optimal control of blood sugar, because eating bad foods can make it difficult to control blood sugar even if you are taking medication for diabetes, including insulin.

Avoid the following bad foods for diabetics, if you are a diabetic and control blood sugar level.

White rice:

White rice is a type of polished rice, which has been polished until only endosperm remains. Endosperm is nothing but a piece of easily digestible carbohydrate, which provide huge amount of carbohydrate if eaten. White rice has very high glycemic index and bad food for diabetics. Blood glucose can rise tremendously after eating white rice, especially if you eat large quantity. If your staple diet is rice, switch over to brown rice, which is considered good food for diabetics.


Are you fond of potatoes? Many of us are fond of potatoes. However, if you are diabetic, your fondness for potato may land you in trouble. Eating potato can increase blood sugar level significantly and rapidly. If you are fond of potato, try sweet potato instead of potato (as recommended by American Diabetes Association). If you can not do without potatoes, try changing the recipe. Add fresh leafy vegetable or other vegetable with high fiber and low glycemic index with potato while preparing it and use healthy fat for cooking (better to steam cook), such as olive oil. Avoid potato chips too.

Energy drinks and energy bars:

Energy drinks and energy bars have very high amount of carbohydrates (sugar/glucose). Energy bars have high sugar content as well as high amount of refined wheat flour, both are notorious for their ability to significantly increase blood sugar level. Energy drinks are made of fruit juice, sugar, sucrose etc. If you want energy bar, select the one made of nuts, whole-grains etc. It is better to avoid energy bars by diabetics for blood sugar control.

White pasta:

Refined flour (it has high carbohydrate and it is easily digestible) is used for making white pasta. As it is easily digestible, you may feel hungry shortly after eating white pasta and eat again, which makes you eat in excess and make blood sugar control very difficult. Instead of white pasta, try whole wheat bread.


Eating right is very important for good blood sugar control. It is more important to stay away from bad foods for diabetics to control blood sugar. If you use insulin, your insulin requirement may be significantly higher if you do not avoid bad foods for diabetics.

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