Teeth Whitening Techniques At Home

Teeth are often referred to as pearly whites but they get discoloured due to age, disease, smoking or neglect. Everybody wants a shining set of teeth and now it is possible to restore their lustre. They can be bleached at home or whitened by a dentist. It is important to care for the teeth every single day and to have a routine for good dental health. The various methods for whitening teeth are:

Whitening treatment at home can be done by the use of low strength hydrogen peroxide. It is applied to the teeth for a short period to prevent the risk of side effects.

Teeth can be treated by a method called matrix bleaching. A higher strength of hydrogen peroxide is used and it is allowed to remain for a longer period of time. This can have harmful effect on the teeth so it is not used often. The teeth can become sensitive and can cause discomfort.

A veneer is used to cover a tooth so that it looks completely healthy. It is the most common practice as not much portion of the tooth is removed. The tooth is cleaned and covered with a veneer coating.

If much of the tooth is damaged, then it cannot be allowed to remain in the mouth as such. Besides giving pain, it will create an unhealthy environment in the mouth. In such a case, the eroded tooth enamel is covered by some material. This is called sheathing. The material used is one which replicates tooth enamel in color and look. An experienced dentist should carry out this procedure because if there are any gaps or openings left, the tooth will be damaged further as the tooth tissue has to be removed.

The latest method for whitening teeth is by using hydrogen peroxide gel and blue light. This is a fairly expensive procedure although it is a painless one. A good knowledge of the technique is essential as the procedure has to be carried out with precision so do check the credentials of the dentist.

Get cavities filled and tarter removed before this procedure. At first the gums are covered with a protective gel so that the treatment has no effect on them. Then a ph balanced hydrogen peroxide gel is put on the teeth. The teeth are then treated with light having a specific wave length and blue color.

This helps the gel to act quickly and increases the whitening effect. The teeth are exposed to this light for twenty minutes. After that time has elapsed, gel is reapplied on the teeth and again they are treated with light. This procedure is carried out three times. The end result is whiter teeth. To maintain them, brush twice a day and floss as well. Rinse your mouth after every meal.

One Simple Way To Maintain Your Perfect Smile!

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