The Antioxidizing Effect of Almond

Almond is one of the nuts that catches scientist eyes.

Eating almond can lower two level of bio marker for oxidative pressure effect in a group of 27 men and women volunteers who have high level of cholesterol.

The finding was found in a study conducted by scientists funded by Agricultural Research Service (ARS), United States (US), Almond Board of California and a Canadian research funding body.

Director of Anti Oxidant Research Laboratory, Jeffrey Blumberg in USDA Jean Mayer Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging in Tufts University, Boston, reports his research finding inside the Journal of Nutrition.

Scientist analyzed blood and urine sample of subjects who took different diet treatment that have the same calorie content for one-month period.

The treatment comprises of full dose of almond of 73 grams per day, half dose of almond with half dose of muffin and full dose of muffin as a control.

The subjects took other low-fat diet to reduce their weight and follow their usual exercise routine throughout the study.

This study is to help researchers to study the antioxidant effect when eating almond.

The researchers found that the volunteers who has eaten full dose of almond, their concentration of two bio markers for oxidative pressure – plasma malondialdehyde (MDA) and urine isoprostanes were lower.

MDA drops as much as 19 percent in groups which took full dose of almond compared to the beginning of study.

While isoprostane drops as much as 27 percent in both almond groups compared with the control group.

The study shows that eating almond can help reducing the effect antioxidant and further study has shown the effect of Vitamin E and polyphenolic derivative such as flavonoid which are found in almond and other nuts tree.

The study does not show minimum almond diet content that help to provide the biological effect.

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