The Low Carbohydrate Diet Controversy

The Best of Low Carbs:

Atkins? Carbohydrate Addict? Fat Fast? GO-Diet? Ketogenic? Neanderthin? Protein Power? Schwarzbein? Sugar Busters!? Zone? FDA? WHICH ONE?! The truth is, it can be ANY diet. How do you know which one will NOT fail this time? After years of searching, we believe we have now found the best low carbohydrate diet plan to ever be created! If you are serious about low carb dieting, look no further! Check it out!! (Or, read on…) Click Here for “The Best of Low Carbs”!

A high-fat diet may work to help some people take off weight, but at what cost? There is much confusion, controversy and downright arguing going on about this diet. Some research shows that a high-fat diet, if it results in weight loss, may actually lessen some heart disease risk factors, such as high-cholesterol and triglycerides. But that is strictly in the short run. In the long run, after a few months, research clearly chows that the majority of those on high-fat diets will see a significant worsening of those very same risk factors. A low-fat diet, on the other hand, will tend to significantly improve them. In one recent study, published in the medical journal Preventive Cardiology, overweight people following a low-fat (10-percent) diet for one year saw not only a good drop in weight, but also a nearly 40-percent drop in heart clogging LDL cholesterol. But those on a high-fat (55 to 65-percent) diet saw their LDL cholesterol rise by 6-percent.


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