The Miami Diet Plan To Help Weight Loss

The Miami diet plan is a popular diet for weight loss and healthy heart, of contemporary times. This diet was formulated by an American cardiologist. The diet looks for health and weight loss through fats and good carbohydrates. Made after thorough research, the diet is safe and ensures a body balance without counting each and every calorie that you consume.

The diet works in three phases which are as under :

Phase one: This diet calls for gradually reducing all sugar content from foods and eventually eliminating all sugar from your diet within two weeks. These include elimination food stuff like cereals, potatoes, rice, fruit and alcohol from diet. It proposes consumption of protidic which is found in animal based foods like eggs, meat, fish and a few vegetables like beans, peas, lentils, soybeans. The phase suggests you to have a breakfast consisting of eggs and vegetables. Snacks should consist of cheese, vegetables or chicken. You can have a lunch of salads and soups. Dinner comprises of fish, chicken or meat.

Phase Two: This phase allows you to re start consumption of prohibited foods, but in small quantities. One starts with food stuff with a low glycemic index. These foods include a few fruits, breads and whole grains. This phase starts after you have lost a little weight with the help of phase one.

Phase Three: This is one of the main stages. It aims at maintaining the weights lost with the help of phase one and two. It advocates consumption of a balanced diet and focuses on low fat food stuffs like fruits, nuts, vegetables etc. which also give you proteins and fats in required quantities.

This diet relies on sugar from natural sources like fruits, vegetables and whole grains as this sugar can be broken down easily. Processed sugar is forbidden. It promotes use of healthier oils like olive oil, fish oil, walnuts oil etc. So are saturated fats which are considered to be bad for the heart.

This diet helps you loose weight phase wise. In the phase one you experience a 3-4 pounds weight loss in a matter of a couple of weeks. In the second phase, weight loss is more gradual at about one kilo a week. Phase three helps you keep the weight constant.

Miami diet is better than other diets as it is simpler to follow. It is not very restrictive and does not make you starve. In fact this diet promotes a healthy lifestyle which you can follow in the long run.

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