The worst breakfasts from your favorite fast food joints

Majority of the people is guilty of getting their breakfast from their favorite fast food joints as they travel or run errands. Notice though that a lot of the choices you have has a big chunk of junk which most likely you will end up getting. The good thing though is that a lot of these food chains have been giving consumers healthier options on their menus.


Like other coffee shops, the food you will find in Starbucks is a wide array of fat bombs. Get your dose of sin rom their donuts, croissants, fritters, and the works. Even the Zucchini Walnut Muffin has 490 calories in it and high level of sodium masked by a healthy sounding name.

Ask for their Strawberry and Blueberry Yogurt Parfait instead which only has 300 calories in it.


You can get a breakfast here which carries 2,150 mg of sodium, 1,090 calories, and 56 g of fat. Nope it is not the Egg McMuffins but the Big Breakfast with pancakes. Instead go for their protein fiber combo in the form of their Fruit and Maple Oatmeal.

Jamba Juice

Are smoothies bad? It depends on what you order. It can go as bad as 770 calories when you go for their Peanut Butter Moo in a 24-ounce cup. A better choice will be to get plain oatmeal plus a serving of banana on top. Good 240 calories to get you by until lunch.


Skip their Breakfast BMT Melt as it carries 480 calories. Good indulgence will come in the form of their Black Forest Ham, Egg and Cheese all on a muffin. All the protein and fiber will keep you full for the rest of the morning.


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