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Tips for Weight Loss

Being overweight when you’re still at school can be tough, especially when there are always going to be fit, athletic types who are going to pick on you because you’re fat. No one likes that, but the harsh reality is that it happens. So what do you do?

Well, there are pretty much two choices that it can be boiled down to. Either do nothing and put up with the harassment and hassle, or take action and shed some weight! That might sound easy on paper (or on virtual paper as it is here) but the reality can seem a lot more difficult. If you are not an athletic kind of person, then it can seem hard to focus on working out or running or whatever to get fit and burn off the fat. If you think your diet is okay, chances are its not and you can at least do something positive on that side of things. Here are a few weight loss tips that might just help you tip the balance and gradually lose that excess weight and even tone up some to get a better looking body that you can be proud of and the bullies will lose interest in as a target.

Scrutinize Your Diet

This might sound pretty obvious, but how closely do you really look at what you’re eating? When you’re young, it seems that you’re invincible and can eat, drink and do whatever you like and you’ll be okay. The problem is that is not exactly true and the worse you treat your body, the worse it will look on the outside, while storing up a whole bunch of health problems for you down the line.

If you eat processed food, then stop eating it! Start reading the labels on the food your mom buys at the store. If it’s full of E numbers and trans fats, sodium and sugar (or high fructose corn starch), artificial additives and MSG (often disguised as “flavoring”) then tell your mom to stop buying that crap and start feeding you something healthy! Maybe you don’t like the sound of eating freshly cooked vegetables with your meal and prefer to eat fries with everything. Well, sure. Go ahead and stay fat then!

Pizza, hamburgers, chicken nuggets, fries, hot dogs, fried breakfast stuff like bacon, hash browns, etc, pie, pancakes, cake, candy bars… it’s a long list, but its all BAD, BAD, BAD…!

Then take a look at what you’re washing it all down with. Soda? Uh oh, really, really bad! Tons of sugar and flavoring. No problem, diet soda’s okay, right? Nope! It contains the artificial sweetener, “aspartame”. Go Google “the dangers of aspartame”, then come back and tell me you still think drinking diet soda is a cool thing to do!

Of course, if you want to stay fat, get your brains turned to mush and die young after a long spell of ill health, then ignore all of this and keep doing what you’re doing!

If you want change, then you are going to have to change. The emphasis is on the YOU part of it. That’s because only you can change you. No one else can do it for you. We can advise and offer to help, but in the end you have to decide you want to change and then use whatever help you can get to make it as smooth and easy as possible.

It won’t be easy and giving up so many things you love to eat and drink will drive you a little crazy at first. But you will get used to it and then you can get on with the other half of getting your figure in shape and looking good again. That step is the dreaded “E” word… Exercise!

Exercise is for Life

There is no avoiding this part of the weight loss and fitness process. If you want to have a nicely toned, slim figure you have to get active. Sure, you can get thin by dieting like for ever, but all you will be is thin. Thin isn’t cool looking and it certainly won’t get the athletic bullies off your back. Instead of hassling you for being fat, they’ll just hassle you for being a one-time-fattie-who-is-now-skinny weakling!

Yeah, yeah, the pen is mightier than the sword and brains beat brawn and all that crap. Except if you really had brains you would know not to eat junk food and to exercise so you can beat the brawn on all levels!

Exercise doesn’t necessarily mean you have to work out in a gym every day, throw weights around, do 100 sit-ups or run a half marathon before breakfast every day. It does mean keeping yourself as active as possible and doing at least some strength building training. If you hate exercise, try swimming! Swimming is one of those things that never really feels like exercise, but it’s actually one of the best all-round forms you can get!

Maybe you’d prefer sitting in a classroom or in your bedroom getting involved in your laptop or whatever you surf the web or play games with. But unless you’re doing it with something constructive coming out the end of it, you’re just killing time and wasting the best years of your life. Cause once you leave school, get a job (if you can), maybe settle down and start a family, you are going to look back on all that time you wasted playing stupid games that you thought were so important back then and kick yourself for not using that time more constructively. Like learning how to get rich or getting fit and healthy so you’d be healthy enough when you got older to enjoy your life more.

So you thought you were going to get a bunch of innate tips for losing weight, did you? Well, looks like you got a stern non-verbal tongue-lashing that hopefully will motivate you to do something positive about changing the areas in your life that will get you slim, fit and healthy so you can walk down the street with your head held high and know that you are looking as good as you are feeling! For more detailed information, please visit this website HERE for some really great tips on losing weight.

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