Toothache Relief Home Remedies

Many people suffer from aches that occur in teeth, jaws and gums and all these pains are referred to as toothaches. A toothache may be caused due to a variety of problems namely dental cavities, exposure of roots, cracked teeth and also due to gum disease. The pain can be normal or very severe. You can never be prepared for tooth ache as it can strike any time. Still you can keep with you some anti-inflammatory pills for pain relaxation. In case of exposed roots, you can feel pain when drinking cold water or hot tea.

When in pain you are not in a position to rush to your dental clinic, you can try various home remedies. Tooth ache is often felt by pregnant women. Home remedies come handy to them as they are not normally allowed to take pain killers. You should remember that especially in case of children, these are not alternatives for visit to a dentist but are meant only for temporary relief. If proper medical attention is not provided to children, they may develop permanent dental deficiencies. Some of the commonly used home remedies are:

Wash and peel turmeric root. Dip a piece in eucalyptus oil and leave it for some time to enable turmeric to absorb some oil. Place this in the hollow teeth and the pain will subside. Once normal leave it for some time and then remove it.

Another remedy using turmeric is to take some turmeric, lemon grass and salt. Boil them in a glass of water till the mixture is reduced to half. Let it cool, strain and drink slowly. This will provide instant relief from tooth ache.

Coconut oil is a good remedy for cavities. Take a spoon of coconut oil and heat it on fire for a few minutes till hot. Dip a cotton wool ball in this spoon full coconut oil and let it cool. Once it reaches a tolerable temperature press the cotton ball on the aching teeth, you will feel relief in a short time.

Clove oil is an excellent remedy for tooth pain due to cavities. You can slightly press a piece of clove on the aching tooth and let it remain there for pain relief.

An interesting aqua pressure remedy can be tried. Rub for a few minutes an ice cube at the V point on the webbing between thumb and forefinger. You will notice relief from pain in teeth.

A few drops of vanilla extract placed on the aching teeth will help reduce pain.

If you have a guava tree nearby, just wash and chew a few green leaves for instant pain relief.

A pinch of pepper powder mixed with clove oil can be put on the cavities to alleviate the toothache.

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