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Top 10 Best Health Benefits of Eating Fennel

As the number of health issues has increased in modern times, people have started looking for solutions to them not only in medical science but in natural herbs and spices too. Fennel is one of such herbs which have countless health benefits and helps treat a number of problems in a natural and side effect free manner. This herb has a delicate flavor which resembles that of licorice, and it has found place in a number of traditional natural remedies. Fennel is high in nutritional value as it is a good source of minerals suck as potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium, iron, copper, folate, beta carotene, manganese, niacin and many others. It is also high in protein, dietary fiber and carbohydrates.

Here is a list of top 10 health benefits of eating fennel:


10. Prevents Constipation

If you are suffering from common digestive issues like constipation and bloating, having a spoonful of fennel seeds after meals can help you improve digestion and regularity. It is so because fennel is loaded with dietary fiber, which makes it effective for prevention of constipation by clearing the digestive tract regularly.

9. Good for Anemia

People suffering from anemia can derive special benefits from fennel because it contains both iron as well as vitamin C. The presence of vitamin C gives the body the ability to absorb iron in a better way and thus, treat anemia in a natural way.

8. Good for Skin

Since fennel is a good source of vitamin C, which makes it supportive for healthy and ageless skin. Vitamin C promotes the production of collagen, the building block of the skin. Also, vitamin C has antioxidant properties and protects the skin from ageing and damage caused by environmental factors.

7. Boosts metabolism

High in vitamin B6, fennel is a great way to boost your metabolism and give you energy. It speeds up the process of breakdown of proteins and carbohydrates into amino acids and glucose.

6. Boosts Immunity

Fennel seeds are tiny in size but potent in action as they improve the strength of the immune system. It is high in selenium content, a mineral which stimulates the production of T-cells that counter infection and make the body immune to diseases.

5. Weight Loss Benefits

Another benefit of fennel is that it helps you in managing your weight loss efforts in a better way. The fiber found in fennel seeds make it effective for regularizing bowel and preventing constipation, an effective way to lose weight. Also, these seeds have special compounds which lower appetite and make you feel fuller for longer. This means that you will feel less hungry and eat less, thus reducing your weight.

4. Lowers the risk of cancer

Fennel contains selenium, which is a vital mineral that detoxifies the body and gets rid of cancer cells. Selenium retards the growth of tumor and prevents inflammation too, making fennel an effective food to lower the risk of cancer. High fiber content helps it bring down the risk of colorectal cancer while antioxidants like vitamin A, vitamin C and beta carotene prevent free radical damage.

3. Bone Health

Featuring next on the list of top 10 health benefits of fennel is that it supports healthy bones, because it is high in bone friendly minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, manganese and vitamin K. All these minerals play a vital role in strengthening the bone structure and maintaining it. They also lower the rate of bone loss by regulating the production of collagen.

2. Regulation of Blood Pressure

The principal cause of high blood pressure is high intake of sodium. At the same time, low potassium levels in the body can also result in increasing it. Since fennel is a good source of potassium, its consumption can help in regulating the blood pressure levels in the body. It also contains magnesium and calcium, both of which are also helpful for this purpose. Fennel is also high in dietary nitrates, which have natural vasodilator properties.

1. Cardiovascular Benefits

Fennel not only ads amazing flavor to food and is a natural mouth freshener, but it brings cardiovascular benefits too, because the hefty dose of fiber found in this herb lowers the cholesterol levels in the blood naturally. Additionally, potassium, vitamin B6, vitamin C and folate found in this herb help it to lower the risk of heart disease.

By including fennel in your daily diet in one way or the other, you can derive a number of health benefits, in addition to adding to the taste of food and drinks.


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