What is ulcerative colitis (UC)? Ulcerative colitis is an idiopathic (unknown cause) inflammatory bowel disease involving the colon (large intestine). In this disorder, there is an extensive inflammation, a breach in the mucosal lining of the colon (ulcers) and formation of pseudopolyps (polyps are abnormal finger-like protrusions from the epithelium whereas “pseudo” refers to false polyps, which represent normal or hypertrophied left over mucosa within the scarred areas of the colon). It has a remitting and relapsing course. Although the cause is not clear, but it is suppose to be autoimmune-mediated (i.e. when your body starts attacking your own healthy tissues by recognizing them as non-self or foreign invaders).

It usually presents with bloody diarrhea with mucus or constipation, and abdominal pain. This is a pre-cancerous disease and has a potential to convert into colon cancer in the long-term. Apart from the medical management, which is crucial during the active disease, there are a few recognized ayurvedic/home remedies for this inflammatory disorder and accessing free tips is just awesome!

Here are top 10 best home remedies for ulcerative colitis:


1. Boost fiber in your Diet

Various scientific studies reveal that augmenting fiber in your daily dietary regimen not only prevents colon cancer, yet it also aids in treating constipation-predominant colitis, via increasing gut motility. Enhance the intake of fresh fruits and vegetables. Some people may notice worsening of their symptoms when they increase fiber in their diet. In that case, they should attempt to identify what foods trigger their symptoms, make a food diary, and abstain from those foods.

2. Psyllium Husk (Ispaghol)

Psyllium husk is a preferred remedy that increases the bulk of your stool and enhances gastrointestinal motility. This bulk-forming laxative increases the water content in your stool, thereby alleviating constipation in ulcerative colitis.

3. Cut Back on Processed Sugars

Refined carbohydrates and processed sugars are the worst foes when you are considering treating any gut ailment. So, take responsibility of your own health and curtail these health rivals.

4. Boswellia Serrata or Laban (in Hindi)

This is an herbal raisin with a beautiful scent recognized for its anti-inflammatory effects. Boswellia is available as a raisin, pill, and powder froom. Fetch this supplement from an herbal store. The recommended dosage for UC is 550 mg three times daily. P.S Boswellia may have drug interactions; hence consult your doctor before taking this supplement. Furthermore, it induces uterine contractions should be avoided during pregnancy.

5. Turmeric Powder

Turmeric powder or curcumin is a noteworthy anti-inflammatory spice that can ameliorate colitis symptoms.

6. Probiotics

Probiotics are healthy bacteria that assist in retaining a healthy gut flora. These are present abundantly in yoghurt, but always aim for low-fat yoghurt.

7. Omega 3 Fatty acids

Fish oils have anti-inflammatory actions for the reason that they curb away cytokines that play a major role in any inflammatory condition inclusive of ulcerative colitis.

8. Aloe Vera Gel

Some people find relief of their pangs via aloe vera gel/juice because of its anti-inflammatory effects and accelerated healing properties.

9. Fenugreek

Fenugreek (methi in hindi) is a spice stuffed with saponins, which are complex compounds attached to a steroid. Since steroids are anti-inflammatory, subsequently are saponins and fenugreek as well. Consuming fenugreek can reduce inflammation and thus UC symptoms.

10. Yoga/Exercise

Stress is one of the predisposing factors known to cause a flare up of colitis. Lifestyle modifications including but not limited to yoga/exercise/meditation calm down your nerves, relief stress, worries and prevents colitis flare-ups.

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