When it comes to summer season, it is essential to be ultra cautious about diet. In summer, you are truly fond of consuming foods, which render a soothing and cooling upshot. Summer season can predispose a person to dehydration, especially when outdoors. Even indoors, in summer, several people are prone to be dehydrated and subsequently, suffer not merely from water, besides electrolyte (minerals) and vitamin deficiencies as well. Countries, where the climate is extremely hot, people can encounter symptoms like heat exhaustion, confusion, lethargy and in extreme cases, potentially serious conditions like heat stroke (hyperthermia, muscle cramps, fainting etc). Therefore, during this fluid/mineral-losing weather, taking optional extra care of what you eat or drink helps you to stay fit and healthy overall.

Here are the top 10 best super foods for summer season:

1. Water

Water sustains its position as the fundamental factor, which will not only defend your body from dehydration during hot climates. Additionally, let me tell you a billion dollar beauty secret: drinking at least 4-5 liters of water daily confers you with that glowing, vibrant, rejuvenated skin that you might have just dreamed.

2. Watermelon

This terrifically sweet and delectable fruit is vital during hot weather. Why is it the best super food for the summer season? It suffices with water requirements of the body; it is laden with a high amount of anti-oxidants (particularly lycopene) that defend the body’s immune system against free-radical damage and inflammation. Its benefits do not conclude here, as it also re-energizes your heart, brain, and athletic performance, all of which can be assumed to be affected during summer season in one or the other way. Hence, cut the fruit into triangular slices or blend it and consume it in the form of a juice, will keep you feeling refreshed and energetic throughout the day.

3. Pineapple

Pineapples are the corner stone luscious fruits that are required during summer.

Loaded with vitamin C, fiber, anti-oxidant; pineapples are a blissful food on this planet. To boot, they comprise of a robust proteolytic enzyme, called as bromelain.

4. Peaches

This succulent fruit has powerful anti-oxidant, fiber-rich, and gut enhancing qualities. During hot climates, either enjoy a smoothie or eat a peach as it is, and there you go giving a favor to your health in general.

5. Mangoes

Just arrived home and feeling desiccated and frustrated while driving out in summer? Here are my 2 cents! After drinking water, relax and delight yourself with this deliciously yummy and greatly reviving fruit! In essence, mango is a summer fruit. Consuming mangoes during summer helps a person replenish the fluid and vitamin losses. Some people prefer drinking it as a shake or a smoothie, all of which vitalize your body.

6. Berries

Whether you talk about strawberries to raspberries to blueberries to blackberries and so on and so forth, the small-sized sun-drenched berries have vast quantities of powerful anti-oxidants, protecting your immune system, fighting against various infections and are best in hot weather.

7. Bottle gourd/ Lauki/ Zucchini

Why all fruits, what are the super veggies to ingest during summer? Certain people do not like these veggies but unbelievably, they are supposed to cool up your body during hot climates. You can either steam or cook them and eat, or otherwise, just take out the juice extract from these veggies and gulp in. In whatever way, you consume this divine food; it assists in resuming the fluid and mineral losses.

8. Cucumber

Conquer the summer heat with the cooling and refreshing qualities of cucumber. It seems to be an arduous task to cook (especially when you are running short of time); in that case, you can just grab a cucumber and eat it raw, to keep you going all over the day.

9. Pumpkin/Kaddu

This veggie might appear to be simply a Halloween embellishment for various people but it is not! It is an asset for your health. It has significantly calming and cooling effects during hot weather.

10. Celery/Salad leaves/Spinach

Summer cannot go away without these! So stock up your refrigerator with these summer gems. They are rich in fiber, folate, anti-oxidants, vitamins, and finally yet importantly have favorable water content, making them one of the ideal super foods for summer.


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