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Top 10 Wonderful Health Benefits of Potatoes

Potatoes make a staple vegetable for the world and there is hardly a kitchen which is not stocked with a hefty quantity of this versatile vegetable. Though many of us regard it as a high carbohydrate vegetable which earns it a bad reputation for weight watchers, it actually supplies a healthy dose of vitamins B, B6 and C, along with essential minerals such as calcium, phosphorus and zinc. This makes it a great health food in addition to being a versatile ingredient to be used in breakfast, lunch or dinner. Potatoes make a filling food in addition to having an amazing array of health benefits.

Here is a list of top 10 wonderful health benefits of potatoes:


10. Healthy skin

Potatoes have been appreciated for its amazing benefits for the skin. It can be grated and applied as a face pack to give radiant skin and also help you get rid of blemishes and dark circles. They can also be used for healing burns and bruises, giving instant relief from inflammation and pain. Studies have also indicated that potatoes have been enhanced with cancer fighting abilities.

9. Good for bones

Potatoes make a good source of bone friendly nutrients which makes it a great vegetable for strong and healthy bones. It is best to consume baked potatoes with skin for this purpose.

8. Stress relief

Next on the list of amazing health benefits of potatoes is that they make excellent stress busters, making them ideal to drive away anxiety and stress. They are high in vitamin B6 and have the ability to accelerate the production of stress relief hormones such as adrenaline and GABA (Gamma Amino Butyric Acid). These hormones induce relaxation for the brain.

7. Promotes brain function

In addition to inducing stress relief, potatoes also promote the brain function and memory because of the high level of iron and copper found in them. It also contains potassium, manganese, vitamin B6 and vitamin C, which also have a beneficial impact on nerves. Additionally, the healthy amino acids found in potatoes play a supportive role in brain activity.

6. Alleviation of kidney stones

Those suffering from kidney stones can get rid of them by ingesting potato peels, which are enriched with minerals like copper, potassium and manganese, along with healthy B vitamins, all of which are effective for alleviation of deposits in the kidneys.

5. Good for general health

Potatoes make a high calorie and high carbohydrate food, which does not make them exactly ideal for weight watchers. Conversely, eating them in the right quantity and cooked in the correct way can make them good for weight loss because they have the ability to give a fuller feeling for a longer interval of time. Moreover, their ability to lower the cholesterol levels due to presence of insoluble fiber, makes them support overall health.

4. Reduce inflammation

Another excellent health benefit of potatoes is that they have the potential to reduce inflammation, both external and internal. For instance, the inflammation caused by mouth ulcers can be relieved by rubbing a raw potato over it while that of the digestive system can be treated by consuming baked potatoes.

3. Good for diabetics

Though diabetics consider potatoes as a strict no-no veggie because of high natural sugar found in it, it is actually a good one for diabetics. The fact that potatoes are a good source of carbohydrates earns it a place in the diabetic diet because carbs are essential for them. At the same time, it is essential to control the portion size of potatoes and have them according to the recommendation of your doctor.

2. High in antioxidants

The next health benefit of potatoes is that it is packed with potent antioxidants, which give them the ability to fight the damage caused by free radicals. This gives them the ability to counter conditions like premature ageing and certain types of cancers.

1. High in fiber

Potatoes make an excellent source of dietary fiber which makes them a good food for aiding weight loss, when consumed in moderation in baked or boiled forms. High fiber foods regulate bowel movement and keep you healthy and going, while boiling and baking ensures fat free cooking along with retention of all the nutrients of the vegetable.

Adding potatoes to your daily diet can thus make a great way to good health, but like everything else, here too, moderation is the key.


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