Top Best Ways to Clean Your Body with Vinegar for Losing Weight

The sour tasting acetic acid liquid called vinegar has been around for years and it is one of the most common condiments that sits on our kitchen counter or kitchen cabinets. Vinegar is widely used to bring add to the flavor of our foods but it does more than just a mere condiment but is known to have some health benefits as well.

Many claim that vinegar has valuable healing properties that could help relieve different types of ailments. Although some of these health benefit claims about vinegar are not founded by clinical research and studies, there are many who believed in the healing power of vinegar.

One of the most apparent health benefits of a vinegar is its ability to clean the body in order to promote an ideal weight. That is why apple cider vinegar is always associated with weight loss.

For most of its users, vinegar is considered as a healing wonder that adds to their healthy kitchen that helps them feel more in control of their weight. So, what makes vinegar a natural weight loss solution as an alternative way of losing weight?

Here are some answers and the best ways on how you should use vinegar to clean your body and consequently lose weight in the process.

Vinegar is a Natural Detoxifier

The apple cider vinegar has been recognized to be a liver detoxifier. This has been a common practice in the eastern medicine and even in the ancient cultures. The vinegar is believed to possess important properties that could purify the blood and helps in removing the toxic build up in the body.

In addition to this property, apple cider vinegar could help bind toxins in the body as well as the excess fatty build up and eliminate them out of the body more efficiently. Vinegar is also rich in natural vitamins and minerals as well as enzymes that are healthy for the digestive system as well as effective in fighting off bacteria and fungus in the body.

By means of cleansing the body with toxins, it eliminates the risks of toxic buildup that could hamper the body’s ability to eliminate fats as well that may be responsible for weight gain. The vinegar can also clean up the body’s mucus buildup and it helps in cleansing the lymph nodes that improves the lymph circulation in the body.

The body’s lymphatic system in essential in strengthening the body’s immunity and it also aids in the effective elimination of toxins in the body which is perfect for body cleansing.

Vinegar Aids in the Healthy Digestion of the Body

Apple cider vinegar is also known for its potential to enhance the digestion process in the body. It could promote a healthy digestive system and promotes a better gastric health for the toxic elimination process.

A vinegar has the property that could easily stimulate the action of the hydrochloric acid in the stomach which is responsible for breaking down foods. If your digestive system has a poor hydrochloric acid action, you will suffer from a poor digestion process that could result in a bloated stomach that gives the impression of being fat and weight gain.

Taking vinegar in your diet is an effective way of promoting a healthy digestion process that eliminates the risks of retaining excess fats in the body that contribute to weight gain.

Ways to Detoxify the Body with Vinegar

In order to optimize the body’s ability to remove toxins from the body, take vinegar, more specifically an apple cider vinegar in small doses daily. Many are comfortable in taking the apple cider vinegar in 2 to 3 teaspoons which is added in a glass of water a few minutes before eating their meal.

This will in effect aid the digestion process after a meal. You can also add the vinegar to a glass of tea or honey for a more flavorful healthy drink. Others use the vinegar as a salad dressing or added in sauces.

The body can also eliminate the body waste products by taking a hot bath mixed with an Epsom salt and an apple cider vinegar which can draw out toxins from the skin.

Toxic Elimination Enhances Weight Loss

The properties of the vinegar are associated with weight loss mainly because of its attributes of being an effective detoxifier that helps in eliminating the toxins build up in the body. When the foods that we eat are broken down during the digestions, some of the vitamins, minerals and nutrients are utilized by the body which are essential to carry out its functions while the waste products are then eliminated in the body.

Otherwise, this could encourage the build up of toxic wastes and materials in the body that could result in weight gain. Among these build ups include fats that could start building in numbers across the body’s blood vessels and organs.

They could also cling to the wall of the muscles and forms the excess fat baggage that is commonly seen in the arms, thighs, buttocks, hips and abdomen. When the body’s digestion and elimination processes are poor you will certainly encounter weight gain over time.

Vinegar can be a Healthy Substitute for Sodium and Trans Fat

Vinegar is available in diverse flavors. Because of this property of vinegar, it is one of the most commonly used ingredients found in our kitchen and has become a favorite dining company for many of us. You can use vinegar as a healthy alternative for sodium and even for highly saturated fats in order to add some healthy twist of flavor to your dishes.

Frequently using sodium and trans fats could adversely affect the body’s cholesterol level that could give rise to heart ailments and other cardiovascular conditions that are risks for stroke and heart attacks. Trans fat can potentially make a person become obese when taken in uncontrolled amount and eliminating them from your regular diet can help you in losing weight or at least control your ideal weight.

In the same light, you can use vinegar instead of using mayonnaise for your salads and use it as a tangy ingredient for marinating meats. By healthily substituting sodium and trans fats in your diet using a vinegar, you are exercising a healthier choice when preparing your meals with an ingredient that keeps you away from obesity and heart disease.

Alternatively, you can use wine vinegar in order to give a more unique taste for your dishes.

Vinegar Reduces your Caloric Intake

You can essentially reduce your weight by removing calories off your diet or at least reducing their quantity from your food intake. Instead of using mayonnaise for your salad for instance, you can use a vinegar salad dressing instead.

You can cut down the 800 caloric count that you can get from a half cup of mayonnaise and lower it to 25 calories only in a half cup when it is replaced by vinegar as an ingredient. If you love to eat dessert, you can replace your sweet ingredients like sugar with a balsamic vinegar instead to retain that sweet taste on your dessert. When you steam your vegetables, try to drizzle a vinegar instead instead of using salt or butter.

By cutting down your caloric intake, you make the body more competent in eliminating toxins in the body, prevent caloric build up and prevent the potential complications of heart disease, stroke, obesity and poor digestive system in the body.

Vinegar Alone cannot Effectively Promote Weight Loss

Vinegar only takes a portion on the effective process of eliminating the risk of obesity and promoting weight loss. While it could contribute in enhancing the body’s ability to clean the body with harmful toxic build up and to lose weight, it is essential that one needs to observe a healthy lifestyle in order to maximize the weight loss effects of vinegar.

Apart from using vinegar as part of your healthy diet, you should be able to carry out daily exercise that will improve both the body’s lymphatic and circulatory system to enhance the cleansing effect of vinegar in the body.

Avoid eating processed foods as well even when the product label tells you it is organic. Drinking plenty of water will also aid the body’s elimination process of toxic build up.

Take Vinegar in Moderated Amounts

While you can always enjoy the weight loss and detoxifying benefits of a vinegar, it is important to keep in mind to take vinegar in moderated amounts only. An apple cider vinegar has a high acidic property which could become harsh to the body when taken too much.

Do not attempt to take vinegar without diluting it on liquids like a juice, tea or water. Studies show that vinegar is capable of causing harm to the throat and the esophagus because of its strong acidic properties. Lastly, the long term use of vinegar may result in the development of osteoporosis because it could lower the potassium level in the body.

As a result, a person who takes too much vinegar in their diet may likely develop a lower bone density as a consequence.

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