Trans Fats are Bad For You

If there is one of the modern additives to a lot of processed food that you really want to steer clear of it at all possible that’s trans fats. Otherwise known as hydrogenated vegetable oil, or partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, this additive gets into so many processed foods and commercially fried fast foods its unbelievable.

Yet people are generally blase about it an carry on eating all that junk regardless. Here in this article we take a look at the health dangers of eating trans facts in your diet and ways in which you can reduce or eliminate your intake of these unhealthy fats.

Think of Your Weight

Well, one thing you are not going to be able to ignore is that you will have to avoid trans fats to lose weight, assuming you are serious about losing weight in a healthy and responsible way. That doesn’t account for those who still believe in a magic bullet or a swift slice or two of the surgeon’s knife can right all wrongs!

Trans fats are well known for raising bad LDL cholesterol levels in the blood and raising the risk of coronary problems and high blood pressure. But they also play havoc with your digestive system by fooling your brain into thinking your not full up when you are!

So its way too easy to overeat foods that contains these saturated fats and overload on calories which naturally leads to weight gain and eventually obesity if nothing is done to curb the intake of foods that contains them. Switching to wholesome weight loss diets is one way of accomplishing this.

Change Your Eating Habits

It’s easy enough to change your diet if you are aware of what you are eating by simply reading the labels on packet food in the store and by avoiding eating in fast food restaurants. You need to make the quantum shift from eating convenience foods to cooking your own home cooked meals, but the benefits to improved health are just so worth it!

It’s cheaper to buy fresh whole foods and cook them yourself anyway, so citing cost as a reason for not making the switch is pretty lame.

Laziness at not wanting to cook is the main reason most people opt for convenient, ready to eat meals. Yet it doesn’t really take much more effort or time to create a home cooked stir fried meal made in healthy olive oil without any bad additives and you get to choose what herbs and spices you add for flavor.

You never know, once you learn to cook those kind of meals, you might want to experiment and see what else you can create in that little used room known as the kitchen!

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