Use Diabetes Shoes for Diabetes Foot Prevention and Care

Diabetes is a common health problem worldwide. Diabetes is a metabolic disorder where there is disturbance in metabolism of mainly carbohydrate (glucose), as well as disturbance in metabolism other major nutrients namely proteins and fats. Diabetes is associated with several complications, immediate complications (such as hypoglycemia or low blood sugar level) and delayed or chronic complications. Chronic complications of diabetes are diabetic retipnopathy (complications of eyes which may lead to blindness), diabetic nephropathy (renal or kidney complication which may lead to renal failure), diabetic neuropathy (complications or nervous system), diabetic foot (complications of foot, which may lead to foot problems that may ultimately require amputation of affected foot) etc. All chronic complications of diabetes are serious in nature, need especial attention, and care for preventing chronic complications of diabetes.

Most important preventive measure for chronic diabetes complications is strict control of blood sugar level within normal range. Ideal control of blood sugar level is postprandial blood sugar level of below 140 mg per 100 ml of blood at 2 hours after food (or 50-100 gram glucose) and fasting blood sugar level 80 mg per 100 ml or below that after at least 8 hours of taking last calorie intake.

For preventing diabetic foot complications, blood sugar control may not be sufficient and it may be required to take especial precautions, such as use of special diabetic footwear. If you are an athlete and suffering from diabetes it is important for you to use athletic diabetic footwear for preventing diabetic foot complications. Diabetic shoes are specially designed shoes for use by diabetes patients to prevent diabetes complications.

Diabetes foot develops from minor injuries that may occur to anybody, including a diabetes patient. Diabetes shoes are designed to prevent/reduce skin breakdown, which help in preventing diabetes foot complications. Diabetes patients with diabetic neuropathy may develop diabetic foot faster, because there is false sense of security among them because there is problem in the peripheral nerves, which may lead to development of diabetes foot.

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