What are the Symptoms of Tooth Abscess?

A tooth abscess is a sac of pus in the tissues of jaw bone at the root of the infected (bacterial infection) tooth. Tooth abscess can be of two types, periapical tooth abscess and periodontal tooth abscess. The tooth abscess is usually a bacterial infection of soft pulp of the tooth. Tooth abscess may occur in the apical region or in the periodontal (gum) region.

Symptoms of tooth abscess include specific to tooth as well as general symptoms of infection such as fever.

Fever (fever is a general symptom of any bacterial infection and tooth abscess being a bacterial infection develop fever)

Toothache (severe, persistent and throbbing in nature), which can be very severe that sleeping may not be possible. Toothache is considered second most painful condition, which is only after appendicitis (the most painful condition an individual can have)

Sensitivity of the affected tooth to hot and cold temperature as well as sensitivity to pressure (chewing and biting)

Swelling in check or face

Lymph nodes (of neck and sub-madibular lymph nodes) are swollen and tender

Bad breath or halitosis

On draining of the abscess (surgical draining or spontaneous rupture of the abscess), there is sudden relief from symptoms (mainly pain)

If you have any tooth abscess, consult your dentist immediately and get treatment for tooth abscess immediately and appropriately.

What are the causes of tooth abscess?

Tooth abscess (periapical tooth abscess) occurs when bacteria invade dental pulp. Dental pulp is the innermost area of tooth where there are blood vessels, nerves and connective tissues. Periodontal tooth abscess occurs when bacteria invade root of the tooth next to gum. The invasion of bacteria occurs mainly through dental cavities or through crack or chip in the tooth enamel. Infection leads to inflammation and severe pain.

If you suspect to have a dental abscess, consult your dentist immediately or visit and emergency department of nearby hospital. Because, delay in starting appropriate treatment will lead to severe symptoms and sufferings.

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