What Is Kousmine Diet Plan?

The Kousmine diet is a diet plan formed and popularized by Dr. Kousmine. This diet aims at preventing and treating persistent and degenerative ailments and conditions with the help of a well planned diet and food. But what really is this Kousmine diet and Kousmine method ?

The Kousmine diet is a diet which has been based on years of long research by Dr. Kousmine. This diet works on the concept that there is a definite and direct relationship between disease and diet. This diet helps in revamping the immune system. The four basic points of the diet are:

1. A fit body and well balanced diet. This involves minimizing use of animal protein and saturated fat, reducing use of oils, refined sugars and flours. These fats and oils are to be replaced by the likes of cold pressed oils, fresh fruits and vegetable and whole wheat and whole grains.

2. Use of food integrators like linoleic acid, lipoic acid, coenzyme Q10, etc. in drawing up the diet plan.

3. Cleansing of the Intestinal system. Many a life threatening and chronic illnesses originate in the intestine and liver. The Kousmine diet believes that a clean digestive system leads to a healthier, happier life. For this purpose, the diet highly recommends enemas as a usual practice for its followers.

4. Body balancing acidity. Due to erratic eating habits and unhealthy lifestyles, the body revolts in the form of acidity. This leads the body to use up its store house of minerals. Therefore, it is essential to restore the body balance which is imbalanced due to acidity.

Foods to be preferred and avoided

This diet plan restricts use of certain foods like white bread, oils obtained by heat, drinks like tea, coffee, alcohol, carbonated soft drinks, sweetened juices etc. It also discourages use of too much use of animal protein. Too much salt consumption should be avoided. Sweets, candies, white sugar, preservatives again are on the restricted list. Meat should be had in moderation.

This diet prefers food items like foods rich in fiber, fresh fruits and vegetables. Such a change in diet will help eliminate free radicals and toxins from the body. Besides changes in food and nutrition, some lifestyles have to be made. These include cardio exercise to rejuvenate the tissue and body blood circulation, giving up alcohol and smoking etc.

None of the meals should be minus vegetables and grains. Each meal should have an adequate proportion of organic fresh fruits and vegetables. White meat and fish should be had in moderation. Basically all food stuffs should be consumed in alteration. This way all nutrients will be balanced and fats cut down to the minimum.


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