What Is The Zone Diet Plan?

There are numerous diets popular now a days. But how successful these diets are is a question to be considered. One of the most popular diets now a days is The Zone Diet. This diet is being followed by many celebrities in addition to a number of commoners. The Zone Diet was made popular by a biochemist names Barry Sears.

This diet works on the theory of achieving hormonal balance. This hormonal balance can be achieved by having a well balanced, nutritious meal. The diet proposes that your meal should contain various components in a fixed ratio. That is 40% of the meal should contain carbohydrates, fats at 30% and proteins at 30%. This means that this diet does not forbid you to have any snack or food type. The Zone Diet helps you loose weight without leaving you craving for any food!

Any person following this diet not only keeps in shape and looses weight, but also keeps safe from diseases like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and many other chronic ailments.

Zone Dieting’s basic principal is following a low-carbohydrate meal plan. Here proteins are not allowed to dominate the carbohydrates. The dieter thus derives higher energy from carbohydrates instead of proteins or fats. The Zone Diet has an additional principal that each meal should be limited to 500 calories and each snack to 100 calories.

In addition to a gradual weight loss, Zone Diet has many additional benefits like improved health, better energy levels and superior mental clarity. The Zone Diet is a life saver for patients with Type II diabetes. Since this diet has a high protein and low carbohydrate content, therefore, it gives you a fuller feeling. This way, you can have a fulfilling meal and curb hunger cravings.

Any person following the Zone Diet should have foods like fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, green leafy vegetables in plenty coupled with adequate proteins and atleast eight glasses of water daily. This diet promotes mono-unsaturated fats instead of saturated fats. It also advises to keep away from processed foods and foods containing high salt content.

Too much of carbohydrates makes the body produce extra insulin. This prompts the body to pile up nutrients. These carbohydrates are then converted into fats and get stored in the body. Proteins on the other hand helps production of the hormone glucagon. This hormone controls the hunger cravings and helps attain satisfaction from each meal. Thus you’ll loose weight faster with the help of this diet.


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