Which Food Causes Skin Problems?

It is rightly said that you are what you eat. That makes it easy for you to care for your skin. You can eat that which is good for your skin and eliminate or restrict that which is bad. Certain foods cause puffiness and blemishes so if you know what they are, you can keep away from them and help your skin to be its radiant best.

Oily and fried foods: Most people with acne are aware that greasy food often results in a break out. Besides being responsible for a host of ailments like weight gain and high blood pressure, excess oil leads to skin problems like greasy skin.

Limit the amount of oil you consume. Junk food, chips etc should be replaced with healthier options like roasted snacks. No doubt fried stuff is very tempting but thinking of a glowing complexion may help you to avoid it so that your skin gets a chance to heal itself.

Excess salt: Salt is a very important constituent of our food and sodium is essential for our body cells to function properly. You cannot think of eating salt less food. So where does the problem lie? It is in excess salt and hidden salt. A light dusting of salt is not bad but crackers, chips and pickles have a high salt content. The sodium content, of which we are not aware, is found in frozen and canned foods where it is used as a preservative.

Excess salt causes water retention and bloating making your skin look puffy and tired. Drinking a lot of water will flush out salt from your body leading to healthy skin. Read all food labels so that you are aware of the contents and you can balance your salt consumption for the day. Use spices like pepper, cinnamon and lemon juice to flavour your food instead of salt.

Sweets: That too much sugar leads to diabetes, weight gain and heart problems are well documented. Excess quantities of sugar are responsible for many blemishes of the skin and also cause dullness. Soda, sugary deserts, cakes and candies should be limited to the bare minimum.

To indulge your sweet tooth, opt for natural sweeteners like honey and fresh fruit. They will provide you with vitamins and minerals which will nourish your skin.

White bread: Refined flour is used to make white bread from which fibre and nutritious elements have been removed. It is also high in sugar. Pasta and macaroni are also made from refined flour. Whole grain and multi grain products are healthier alternatives. Refined foods lead to inflammation and constipation which cause unhealthy skin.

So eat well and sensibly for a radiant skin.

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