Why You Should Eat Fruits

Almost all diet programs encourage you to eat fruit everyday. Why? Fruits especially the one that contain a lot of water is usually low in calories. If taken as food before and after meal, it will make you feel full and prevents yourself from eating more than what you need.

According to a study done in Sweden, besides being a good diet, eating fruits also can make you live longer. Peoples who took five pieces of fruits everyday will have 36 percents lower stroke risk than they who did not eat fruits.

Several Grapes Nutrition

  1. High content of vitamin C.
  2. Other vitamins including vitamin A, B1, B2.
  3. Contains low calorie.
  4. Contains 80 per cent of water and a good resource for potassium.
  5. Contains phytonutrient, an active ingredient which is believed to have health-protecting qualities to human body and from heart diseases.

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