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Workplace Weight Loss Tips

Are you stuck in your workplace and don’t have time for exercise? Well, you are not alone. There are millions of people that are overweight due to their stressful desk work. Are you one of them?

Most office workers don’t have time to exert an extra effort to burn fat because of their job responsibilities. What is more alarming is that, these people tends to eat junk foods more because they don’t have time for any food preparation at home. This leads to extra calories and carbohydrates intake, which results to weight gain.

To solve this issue, you must have total discipline to overcome workplace weight gain issues. Your motivation of course is your health. Although the tips that I am going to give you won’t lead to significant weight loss, all of it will help you maintain a healthy and fit body preventing unwanted weight gain. Below are some of the tips that you can follow.

Tips to Help you Lose Weight in Your Workplace

If you are working in an office chair, the average hours you stay sitting is about 7 to 9 hours. That is a lot of hours without motion that can burn significant calories. Without effective exercise, you are continuously degrading your health. So you need to have effective physical activities within your workplace without affecting your job.

1. Take the Stairs

Taking advantage of the stair climbing exercise is one way to burn calories while strengthening your cardiovascular system. If your workplace is just about 4 to 8th floors up, then using the stairs instead of the elevator is great regular morning routine. Starting your day right by simply climbing stairs as your fitness morning workout.

2. Stand Up from Time to Time

Standing up from time to time in your workplace relieves muscles tensions on your back and legs. It will give you more relief and less stress. Have a habit of pausing from your work then stand for at least two minutes. You may also walk around a little then proceed to your work. This simple routine certainly won’t affect your work but has tons of health benefits for you.

3. Use Exercise Ball

office worker workingIf your employer is not to strict, you may swap your regular office chair for an exercise ball. This tool is a regular fitness equipment that you regularly see in the gym. Exercise ball helps improve balance and can be used in a wide range of core exercises. You may use exercise ball during your break time.

4. Stretching is Crucial

Stretching helps you in many ways. It keeps your body muscles flexible and good for your bones. Stretching can also heat up your body a little bit, which is good as it triggers good blood circulation. You must do stretching every two hours of work to prevent any stiffness to occur.

5. Exercise your Fingers and Palm

Along with body stretching, the most easiest exercise that you can apply within your workplace is fingers and palm exercise. WikiHow showed a very detailed procedure on how you can exercise your fingers and palm, and this can be easily done in your workplace without affecting your work. Using a stress ball is also a requirement to ease up tensions on your palm muscles.

Fingers and palm exercises are simple routines but are effective in easing any stress on your hands. It prevents osteoarthritis and are also highly recommended for carpal tunnel syndrome prevention. CTS is a very painful condition that is possibly caused by too much desk work such as mouse or typing activities.

6. Apply Feet and Leg Exercises

After you stretched your body and fingers, then it is time for your feet and legs to move a little bit. Feet exercises can be done during your break time so that it won’t affect your job. The best feet exercises that you can do within your workplace are the following:

  • Calf Stretch
  • Calf Raise
  • Toe Extension
  • Toe Grip

These exercises are commonly seen in ballet classes but of course, you don’t need to enroll in any ballet just to do these simple routines.

Leg exercises meanwhile are also simple but totally effective. Some of the leg workouts that you can do while you are in the office includes lunges, leg swing, leg squat and quadriceps stretching.

7. Take Advantage of your Health Benefits

Most companies offers tons of health benefits to their employees which includes health insurances, medical benefits and many others. Sometimes, bigger companies do have their own gym facilities which is a big opportunity for you to keep fit and healthy. Use your benefits wisely while at work.

8. Eat Healthy

The reason why most office workers are unhealthy and overweight is that, they indulge more on junk foods such as sweets and processed foods. If you would like a healthy body, you need to avoid feasting on these kind of foods and prepare your own healthy snacks. Bring your own food and you won’t just eat healthy but it would also save you money.

9. Drink Plenty of Water

Drinking plenty of water is good for your health. Water is like a natural cleansing agent that can detoxify your body from impurities. Many believed that drinking at least 8 glasses of water daily can help aid weight loss. Well, if you are stuck for at least 8 hours a day in an office chair, water could definitely be a reliever with regards to your health.

I am not saying that you need to water fast as this kind of regimen can be harmful. Drinking lots of water is not just good for your digestive and urinary system, but to over-all body systems as well.

10. Modify your Daily Routines

Lastly, you need to apply different routines that will support your health and fitness goals. One way is by using a bicycle going to office instead of riding your car. Other ways includes walking home, morning jog or a healthy dieting regimen.


Working out is not hard if you only have the will to exert effort. If you don’t have time to lose weight because of your office job, then these simple tips can help maintain a healthy weight. Of course, you still need to continue your weight loss program to be able to lose significant weight.

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