Prevention of Dental Caries

Regular dental checkups are needed to detect cavities early. If pain and swelling have developed, it means the cavity has progressed to tooth pulp and complications have set in. You may then need a root canal treatment (RCT) and may lose the tooth eventually. It is recommended to get dental check up every six months. …

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oral care seniors

Oral Care for Seniors

Oral care is important at any age, but it becomes more difficult as you get older. Hopefully, the good habits you learned as a child will help you keep your own teeth well into your golden years. But there is more to senior oral care than simply brushing and flossing. Here are some tips that …

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Know About Bruxism

Bruxism is grinding of teeth and clenching of jaw without knowledge of the affected individual. Bruxism is quite common fortunately for majority of individuals it is mild in nature and do not cause any health problem. But in some people it does lead to medical problem and need to be treated. Bruxism is an oral …

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